I am a graduate researcher working to link Fog Computing nodes over the Information Centric Network. Previously, I worked on pre-sales for four years. Over the next few years, I want to develop myself as a technical product manager. On that journey, I want to complement my experience with specialized expertise in DevOps and Cloud Computing in general.

My story started in Bangladesh, a small country in South Asia with massive potential. From my childhood, I was fascinated by science and math. This fascination brought me to study engineering in the best engineering institution in Bangladesh, BUET.

After graduation, I first worked as a pre-sales engineer. In that position, I had to communicate with all levels of customers. Some of my customers had years of technical experience. They were concerned with the minute technical details of the solutions. On the other hand, CXO level customers were more concerned with the business impact. These experiences let me develop my technical and non-technical abilities simultaneously.

Following that, I switched over to a more sales-oriented role. There, I got the opportunity to work on a large project (near USD 200M). This project had lots of moving parts, which required constant monitoring. Due to the size of the project, my impact was nominal. However, it was a humbling experience.

Now I am studying for MASc at the ECE department at Concordia University. While this may seem somewhat unconventional (following my experience), it’s a continuation of my enthusiasm for Cloud Computing and Networks. Right now, I am researching an intersection of Fog Computing and Information Centric Network under the supervision of Dr. Roch H Glitho.

In addition to academics, I have experience with AWS (Amazon Web services) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform). I am an AWS Certified Cloud Solution Architect - Associate and Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer.